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King: novellk, egyebek

Keresek kiadatlan King-sztorikat, jsgcikkeket, meg mindent, ami Kinggel s/vagy valamelyik mvvel foglalkozik, lehetleg nyomtathat formban (ezek megvannak). A cikkek jhetnek scannelve is, kivve amik mr fent vannak az oldalon.

King: jsgok, folyiratok

  • Hepiend Magazin II. vf. 4-5. szm (1990)

King: rvidfilmek

  • All That You Love (Scott Albanese)
  • All That You Love (Natalie Mooallem)
  • All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (Mark A. Montalto)
  • All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (Chi Laughlin)
  • Autopsy Room Four (Stephen Zakman)
  • Gotham Caf
  • Harvey's Dream (Andy Cambria)
  • Home Delivery
  • I Know What You Need
  • Luckey Quarter
  • Night Surf (Samuel Vary)
  • Paul's Dream (Harvey's Dream) (Ben Lawrence)
  • Popsy
  • El Sueo de Harvey
  • Tyger
  • Umney's Last Case (Rodney Altman)
  • +
  • Books Into Film 1x01: Stephen King (Bravo TV)

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Egyb: novellk

Keresem az albbi novellkat magyarul vagy angolul, fnymsolva vagy elektronikus, nyomtathat formban (.doc, .txt, .pdf, ilyesmi), esetleg a folyiratok azon szmait, amikben megjelentek (ezeket odabiggyesztettem a cm utn).

Arthur C. Clarke
Bntny a Marson (Crime on Mars) [Galaktika 208]
William Gibson
Kartondobozvros tizenhrom kpben (Thirteen Views of a Cardboard City) [Galaktika 203]
Joe Haldeman
Ngy rvid regny (Four Short Novels) [Galaktika 187]
Kilakoltats (Foreclosure) [Galaktika 205]
Harry Harrison
Kzirattredk (A Fragment of Manuscript) [Galaktika 178]
Larry Niven
Nem sokkal a vge eltt (Not Long Before the End) [Nem Sokkal a Vge Eltt antolgia]
Robert Sheckley
rtekezs a dinoszauruszokrl (Disquisitions on the Dinosaur) [tjr 2004/prilis]
Kenny (Kenny) [Galaktika 191]
Mint aki jjszletett (Reborn Again) [Galaktika 182]

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Egyb: knyvek

Az albbi knyvek jhetnek angolul is. Tovbb ha vannak egyb elad angol nyelv knyveid (krimi, scifi, horror), eslyes, hogy rdekelne kzlk ez-az, de az angol listm tl nagy ahhoz, hogy ide pakoljam. Keress meg!

  • James Hadley Chase: Gyilkos Embercsempszek
  • Robert A. Heinlein: rjrat a Vilgrben
  • Patricia Highsmith: Mlyvz
  • Larry Niven: Idn Kvli Vilg

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King: novellk, egyebek - ezek megvannak

  • "...And the band played on..."
  • 10 Questions for Stephen King
  • A Bad Year if You Fear Friday 13th
  • A Novelist's Perspective on Bangor
  • A Possible Fairy Tale
  • Always, They Come Back
  • America the Literate
  • An Evening at God's
  • An Interview with Stephen King by Stephen King
  • AOL chat transcript
  • Autopsy Room Four
  • Before the Play
  • Ben Raworit interviews King
  • Between Rock and a Soft Place
  • Bevezet a Drakulhoz
  • Black Magic & Music
  • The Blue Air Compressor
  • Brooklyn August
  • Carrie On
  • The Cat from Hell
  • CNN Newsnight Aaron Brown transcript
  • CNN on Halloween 2003
  • Cone Head
  • The Crate
  • The Cursed Expedition
  • The Dark Man
  • Dennis Miller Live transcript
  • Derry - Bepillants a Pokol Kapujn
  • The Devil, You Pay at Needful Things
  • Do Movies Matter (Part 1-2)
  • Don't Go to Sleep
  • Donovan's Brain
  • The Dreaded X
  • Dream Team: Just Another Horror Show
  • 'Ever Et Raw Meat?' and Other Weird Questions
  • Foreword from Dolores Claiborne
  • For the Birds
  • The Glass Floor (angol s magyar)
  • The Green Mile knyvjelz (nmet)
  • The Green Mile krtyanaptr (nmet)
  • Hallos rnyk moziplakt
  • Hallsoron moziplakt
  • The Hardcase Speaks
  • Harrison State Park '68
  • Harvey's Dream (angol s magyar)
  • Head Down
  • Head-Bangor's Ball
  • Horror No-Show
  • Horror of Horrors: King in Pauper's Clothes
  • Horrors! (keresztrejtvny)
  • Hotel at the End of the Road
  • Houston: So Normal it Was Weird
  • How I Created Golden Years?
  • I've Got to Get Away
  • ID by Charles McGrath
  • The Importance of Being Bachman II
  • In a Half-World of Terror
  • In the Key-Chords of Dawn
  • In Good Faith with the King of Horror interview
  • In King's Words interview
  • In My Book, It's No Contest
  • It Grows on You
  • It's Good to Be King
  • Jhonathan and the Witchs
  • Joseph B. Mauceri interviews King
  • The Journal News interview
  • The Killer
  • King Back at Site of "Shining" Inspiration
  • The King Family and the Wicked Witch
  • King of Bangor
  • The Leprechaun
  • Listen Up
  • LT's Theory of Pets
  • Luckey Quarter
  • Lunch at Gotham Caf
  • The Man in the Black Suit
  • Man with the Belly
  • Managed Health Scare
  • Master of Macabre interview
  • My Little Serrated Security Blanket
  • My Say
  • National Book Awards Acceptance Speech (angol s magyar)
  • National Book Awards Acceptance Speech (Introduction of SK)
  • Never Look Behind You
  • The New Lieutenant's Rap
  • The Night of the Tiger
  • No Pain, No Fame
  • On Becoming a Brand Name
  • The Other Side of the Fog
  • Peter Conrad interviews King
  • The Plant (3 fejezet, anno)
  • The Plant (6 fejezet, e-book)
  • Playboy interview
  • The Rating Game
  • The Reploids
  • Rest Stop
  • The Revelations of Becka Paulson
  • Riding the Bullet (angol s magyar)
  • Riverdriver's Cookbook (recept)
  • The Road Virus Heads North
  • Salon magazine interview
  • Silence
  • Skybar
  • Slade
  • Son of Best Seller Stalks the Moors
  • The Spook interview
  • Squad D
  • Stahl TV interview transcript
  • Stephen and Amy Go Rapping
  • Stephen King - The Lawnmower Man
  • Stephen King loathes 'Bennifer' concept
  • Stephen King Ready to Close Book as Writer?
  • Stephen King Returns to the 'Tower'
  • Stephen King Strikes Again
  • Stephen King's From a Buick 8 by Jack Ketchum
  • Stephen King's Keynote Address at the Vermont Library Conference
  • Stephen King's Not Living in Misery interview
  • Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
  • Stephen King's The Dark Half
  • The Stranger
  • Surprise! Stephen King actually likes 'Dreamcatcher' movie
  • Suspected King stalker enters not guilty plea
  • The Tao of Steve (angol s magyar)
  • That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It is in French
  • The Thing at the Bottom of the Well (angol s magyar)
  • Trail Plus: Behind the Scenes
  • The Turn of the Screwy
  • USA Today (2003.06.18.)
  • Visit With an Endangered Species
  • The Walden Book Report King interview
  • The Weapon
  • What Stephen King Does For Love
  • What Went Down When Magyk Went Up
  • Why I Was Bachman
  • Why We Crave Horror Movies
  • Will Be Necessary to Stop the Weeds
  • Will We Close the Book on Books? (angol s magyar)
  • Yale Daily News article
  • You Don't Know Jackson

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